Meet Our President

Dr. Charles Travis

Founder and President of Logos Global Network of Christian Ministries, Inc. headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. Dr. Travis serves as Chancellor of Logos University and Universidad Cristiana Logos. He is the Presiding Bishop for The Communion Evangelical Episcopal Churches. He also serves as the Archbishop for the Apostolate of St. Chad.

He holds a Bachelor of Theology Degree from Chicago Bible College, a Bachelor of Arts degree from Christian Life College, a Master of Religious Education and a Master of Arts from Florida Beacon College, and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Covent Life Seminary. Dr. Travis has been in full time Christian service for over 52 years. He has served as pastor, evangelist, teacher and missionary. He has also served as a lobbyist for Christian schools in Washington, D.C. and serves on several national and international educational boards, consulting and ecclesiastical councils, and accrediting associations. Dr. Travis holds certifications in Coaching, Chaplaincy and Behavioral Therapy. His commitment and pioneering efforts in Christian education and church planting has led to the establishment of schools and churches in over 25 nations. Dr. Travis has a very strong conviction that every believer is a minister and that every minister should have a ministry, whether in the church, market place or public square.